Temptastic Pants


“Dress is corporate casual.” If anyone has ever worked as a temp, you know this line well, and you thank your lucky stars that your temp agent added that “casual” to “corporate”.

For me, “corporate casual” means wear whatever you want, with black slacks. If you aren’t lucky enough to have that “casual” in your dress code, then you probably have to slap on a black blazer to match your black slacks. I don’t usually shop at Express, but I made an exception a few years ago when I became a temp and had to buy some “corporate casual” clothes. To me, this just meant that I wore black slacks instead of jeans. At Express, I found a pair of black slacks a few years ago that have seen me through every temp job I’ve ever had. They are my temp pants, and they are temptastic. I think they called them “The Publicist Pant,” they have slim black legs with an awesome bell-bottom flare. I have been temping for years, and so have these pants. Together, we’ve sat at many a desk, at many a hedge fund. We’ve secretly done yoga in the back of the file room, we’ve stolen snacks from the corporate kitchens, we’ve been uptown, downtown and certainly midtown. They have stood the test of time. I still wear them to this day. Sure the seat has worn thinner and there are a couple of tears in the leg caused by letter openers, but these temptastic pants are the key to turning a girl like me into corporate city gal, ready to commute at rush hour and join the workforce the 9 to 5 workforce.

These pants don’t make me feel like a secretary, they make me feel like an administrative assistant.


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  1. I wish one day your work pants are sequinned and your commuting hours 5-11pm. I know it will if you have faith the size of a seed of mustard 😉

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