Positive Vibration

For an actress, the audition process is the most grueling and frightening experience in the world. No pill or amount of meditation can calm the nerves that overcome you as you are about to walk into a room of judgement. Strangers will judge your face, your hair, your body, your voice, and sometimes even your talent. It is grim. All actors have to find a way to calm their nerves and enter a zone of natural confidence and strength. For me, it was often listening to Bob Marley before I entered the room. Songs such as “Natty Dread,” “Nice Time” and “Get up, Stand up” would help put my head in the right place as I put myself before the people who had the power to reject everything about me.
I have been listening to Bob Marley and the Wailers since I was a little girl. Their “Live!” album was the first CD I ever purchased. Through the years I’ve had many musical obsessions, but Bob Marley has always been one of my constant favorites. I recently saw the movie “Marley” on the big screen, and another Reggae artist, Jimmy Cliff, performing live in Prospect Park, near my place in Brooklyn. Both of those events have caused me to enter into a pure Reggae period in my musical preference. In the wake of other disappointments in my life, this music has always been there to lift my spirits.

My extensive Bob Marley playlist has been jammin’ in all of my recent yoga classes. Almost all of my students have commented on how the music moved them during their practice. When I practice yoga at home, I always start with “Lively Up Yourself” and then I know I am in for an inspired sequence. Same with running. Lately, I have been running in the park almost every day listening to Bob as I course my way through the woods of Prospect Park. As I push myself to go further each day, I am inspired by the words, “my feet is my only carriage, so I’ve got to push on through…”

When I have to go to my office job in the midst of Babylon (aka NYC), I have started to commute with Bob in the morning and in the evening. When I am at my desk writing and working, feeling stressed and tired, I sneak in my earbuds, start listening to “Mellow Mood” or “Bend Down Low” and suddenly all is well.

When I go out to bars at night with friends, the only time patrons seem to unite and smile, and sometimes sing out loud, is when Bob comes on the stereo.  When my friends and I saw “Marley” in the movie theater, it was too much of a challenge not to sing along with every song, so we did. We were not alone. The girl behind us must have been even more inspired than we were, for she shouted, quite loudly, every lyric to every song.

From childhood to today, Bob Marley’s music never gets old for me. I think I am not alone when I say that his music can make a person feel inspired, positive, lively, defiant, mellow, united, rebellious, romantic, irie, spiritual, sensual, and natural. What’s the point of this post? Listen to Bob Marley. One love.


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  1. Ayyo – I found your web site thanks to your post on Gothamist, and I wanted to give you props for this post. Live was also my first Marley album (my pops had it in his collection but never played it, so I appropriated it) and remains my favorite. I also own a shirt, black, with the only adornment consisting of the text “Listen to Bob Marley” in white on the chest. Also, Damian and Stephen rep for the fam.

    Where do you teach yoga?

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