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The Actor Olympics


If Trap Shooting is considered an Olympic sport, then I think Acting should qualify as well.

Many actors, myself included, started performing at an early age. Putting on shows for our families, we developed a passion for applause. That recognition launched us into an actor’s life of dedication, training non-stop, investing money in our pursuits, and competing with countless others on a daily basis. All for just a brief moment to shine, with the hopes that this moment will bring us fame and lifelong security. Isn’t that what Olympics athletes hope for as well?

As many Olympians discover, even the world’s most talented athletes can have a moment of weakness or bad luck, which makes all their hard work seem for nothing. That’s why I am proposing an Actor Olympics, so that the most deserving actors can take their shot at the gold medal.

Some may say that The Oscars or Tony Awards are the equivalent to the Actor Olympics, but I’m talking actual head-to-head competition where various categories in live performance are judged by experts from around the world.

Like athletes, actors have skills in various categories. The Actor Olympics could feature such competitions as: The Monologue Showdown, The Shakespeare Soliloquy, The Battle of the Mimes, The Viewpoint/Theater Game Challenge, the Avant Garde Competition, Scenes from Classical and Modern theater, The Triple Threat Match (acting, song, and dance), and of course, Accents from around the world.

This would not be easy. But it would separate the wheat from the chaff, and I would bet that the majority of young Hollywood would not make the cut. (Shout-out to NYC, Delhi, and London!) The British might be better at Shakespeare, but the Americans would wallop them in Tennessee Williams, etc., although Poland may impress us with a mean Stanley Kowalski. But now that I think about it, China would probably beat us all.

It would take the same dedication, devotion, and determination that the Olympians possess. It would strip down the luxuries of performing on camera and its ability to shoot take after take. No camera trick would be able to make you look or sound better than what you actually are. Being judged for appearance, voice, movement, wit, and ability to entertain would take theatrical acting to the next level.

It seems to me, especially from a New York City point of view, that the world is FULL of actors. Why not make it into a worldwide competition? Sure, we may not all be the Michael Phelps of acting, but I’m at least a Ryan Lochte.