Alyssa Ritch is a failed actress. Don’t get me wrong, she had some great accomplishments. Alyssa worked hard to become a member of AEA, SAG, and AFTRA. She performed in film, theater, television, commercials and did a whole lot of print modeling. She even had a billboard in Times Square! Soon she became a playwright/artistic director of a theater company that she founded. But somehow all of this hard work, progress, and thick skin were not enough to make it in show business.

Alyssa needed to make money, so she filled in the actress gaps with the usual part-time, flexible jobs that every performer must take in order to not give up on her dreams. She began as a cocktail waitress at a live music venue. She worked at a posh boutique hotel. She joined three temp agencies. She became a bartender. She babysat. She walked a neighborhood dog. She kept the mice company backstage as an assistant stage manager. She worked as an executive assistant in so many hedge funds around NYC that she became familiar with every lunch deli in midtown. She was constantly hired, desired, and yes, sometimes fired, but it was all worth it because she was an artist. She refused to give up her dreams.

But the city eats dreams for breakfast. Her thick skin wore thin. She needed to take a break so she turned to another passion, yoga. Now she is a proud, certified yoga teacher with a whole new lease on life. But she soon found out that to making a living teaching yoga, she’d have to get another part-time job, and the cycle begins again. But through all of her New York City adventures, Alyssa always turned to writing. She’s written plays, short stories, and blogs, and is currently beginning work on her first two novels. But she stills books a few auditions every week, just in case.


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  1. Hey Alyssa!

    My name is Sara Ghannam and I’m a casting producer here in NYC. We are developing a new recreation/documentary style TV show and I would love to talk to you about potentially getting involved or referring us to other “failed actresses”. The idea is to recreate and tell the story of those who have tried to be a singer/dancer/actress/performer in anyway.

    Please let me know if this is something of interest and feel free to email me at


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